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2018 Commercial Horticulture Webinar Series Recordings
Greenhouse Vegetable Production;#IPM Communicator: Diseases;#IPM Communicator: Miscellaneous;#IPM Communicator: Beneficial Insects;#IPM Communicator: Weeds;#Ornamental Production: Nursery and Greenhouse;#Vegetable Pest Management … These webinars aim at providing quick …   more

Weeds: They are important to everyone! Here is why
Who should attend 2018 Auxin Training?
There is some confusion over who is required to attend the 2018 Auxin Training … If you plan to grow Xtend cotton or soybeans and use the new dicamba formulations, Engenia, FeXipan, or XtendiMax, you are required by the EPA to attend an annual auxin training even if you …   more
Extension System Offers Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes
The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be teaching several private pesticide applicator training classes … These classes are designed for the farmers who need to take the private pesticide applicator test in order to purchase restricted use products …   more
Good Sunlight Critical for High Corn Yields
The poet Robert Frost penned that good fences make good neighbors … Just as good fences make good neighbors, good sunlight is critical for high corn yields if it is supplemented with adequate moisture … There's the rub, getting good sunlight when plentiful rainfall is …   more