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EPA Approves Section 18 Exemption for Control of Sugarcane Aphid on Sweet Sorghum
On June 12, the EPA granted an exemption for the use of flupyradifurone (Sivanto Prime) insecticide for use on Alabama sweet sorghum for the 2017 growing season, under the provisions of Section 18 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act …   more

June is Cotton 'Sidedress' Time
While cotton planting for the 2017 crop season is winding down, more work is in store for producers … Sidedress applications will soon need to be applied … For more information about nutrient application timing, see the attached article … cotton sidedress time - W Birdsong 2017 …   more
Cotton PGR Management in High Rainfall
The 2017 growing season is thus far a decidedly wet one … Rainfall throughout the state was a welcome change from the previous dry spell, but excessive amounts have delayed cotton plantings or caused isolated replants … For cotton that is established and approaching squaring …   more
Educational event in Alabama and the Southeast
Long-term ACES educational programs open to a wide range of audience Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http// Alabama Master Gardeners Program http// Monthly extension …   more
Herbicide Injury on Crop Caused by Excessive Rainfall
In the last several weeks since the start of May, we had too much rainfall (>15 inches in many areas) during crop planting … I have received several inquiries regarding herbicide damage on cotton and peanut, mostly related to Reflex, Valor and Dual Magnum …   more